Our mission

Edda was founded in 2021, as a product of the Corona pandemic and the shared desire of three young girls to contribute to a massive change in the role of the fashion industry on the planet. We collect residual materials and waste from all over Europe's textile industry, and transform them, through innovation, re-design and good craftsmanship, into beautiful and timeless fashion pieces.

Edda's products are what we like to call; Recycled. Handmade. Artwork.


Production and materials

All our products consist of 100% recycled textiles. This means that every single material we get through the door is unique, and that the same quality and material cannot be guaranteed to be found again, which is why many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind.

Edda wants to set an example for future designers by showing the countless possibilities for creating aesthetic design on a sustainable basis. Therefore, we strive to always buy from European suppliers, and our production is of course based in Denmark.


Limited Editions

With us, nothing goes to waste. All leftovers from the production of our regular range are collected and used for new creations which are released in Limited Drops, a few times a year. This concept enables us to explore new ways to utilize our materials, as well as add another step to their lifespan. These styles are designed on the basis of the possibilities and limitations the individual material gives us.