Get in sold out bags in stock again?

Since our materials are leftover yarn, we do not have the opportunity to get the same colors again, and thus also not the opportunity to make bags similar to each other. There is therefore only 1 of each bag, which is why they also have their own number. On the other hand, new bags are constantly appearing on the webshop, so keep an eye out!

If you have nevertheless fallen in love with a certain color combination, or bag, and we do not have anything else reminiscent of the webshop, do not hesitate to contact us by email: kontakt.edda@gmail.com, or in dm on our instagram @eddabagss. Here we can answer whether we have the opportunity to do something similar in the future.

When will new bags be put up for sale on the webshop?

At edda we are sometimes very busy and new drops of bags therefore vary a lot. As a starting point, we strive to have new bags on the webshop at least once a month.

Can there be a Macbook in your bags?

Our Strolling Shopper and Medium Slouchy Bag cannot hold a standard 13 "MacBook.

If you want a bag that can do this, go for our Large Slouchy Bag. This has room for a 13 "MacBook and more. However, we do not recommend filling some of our bags too heavy, as they are made of cotton and can give depending on use.

Worth knowing:

Since our bags are made of residual materials from the textile industry, it is to be expected that in some places in our bags there will be small knots, or other minor defects in the yarn. In addition, the quality and thickness of the different materials can vary, and two eddabags will therefore never be identical despite division into models.

However, these factors do not matter in visual expression as well as function, as all our bags undergo a quality check by our team of designers, as a guarantee that all products are in order before they are shipped further out into the world.


If you did not get your question answered, you are welcome to contact us by email, Instagram DM or via the contact form below.